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Full Version: Back at it! Four-way Folk's cards
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New season, new custom cards.I have prepared the fourth series and will get and show the first signed copies soon.

In the meanwhile I received my COMC delivery a little while ago with the jersey cards to finish my custom four-way MEM AU cards, for which I had already had the sticker designs signed in June. Last Friday I finally had an opportunity to trim them to size and here's the result:

[Image: v1GU_rfernandezs.jpg][Image: v1GU_lharangodys.jpg]

I actually also have designs and jersey cards ready for similar cards of Pau & Marc Gasol and José Calderon, but until I'm certain I can get them signed I am not going to assemble those cards.

To give you a quick glimpse into how I made them here are two collages:
[Image: 2015-08-22%2000.08.19.jpg]
[Image: 2015-08-22%2000.19.04.jpg]