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I know there have been a number of threads on here on spotting MJ A Cut Above fakes, including one by me. Right now on ebay there is another for sale by ebay username stuffnjunk15 (here is the item # 171929068573). Please see for yourself.
After all of the evidence I presented to him he stubbornly refused to listen. Personally, I think he really did believe me but he just didn't want to eat the money he paid for the card and wants to sell it for big money. Here is one of the many angry responses I got from him :

Well maybe u should of let him know that before I bought it !!! BC he will not refund my money !! And I can't afford to be fucked w it !! Plus its a great card ! Um so thanks and I hope I don't get robbed by u posting ***** on forums

First of all, I've spoken to the Director of Operations at PSA about this very issue and presented him with all the evidence that shows that these are fakes and he agreed. He also passed all of this info to their research department. So, now PSA will have no problem spotting these fakes. Apparently, BGS has graded quite a few of these.

Stuffnjunk15 refused to show me detailed pics of the card, including the back of the card (he didn't post a pic of the back of the card, only the front). Good thing you can still spot it on both sides. My response was :

You have no pic of the back of the card. Let me guess, is there an indent on the back of the card from the "A Cut Above" logo on the front? That's not supposed to be there either!!! The back of the card is supposed to be smooth! I'm getting the feeling you just don't want to listen to the proof..... OR you're KNOWINGLY selling a counterfeit.

This card has all of the telltale signs of being a fake, including the smooth valleys of the saw blades at the top. By the way, he totally ignored my comment on the indent on the back of the card so I'm guessing that it was there. If he posted no pic of the back of the card, HOW WOULD I KNOW IT WAS THERE!?!?!?

I personally got burned by one of these when I trusted a dealer and I never got my money back. And I didn't try to sell it off on someone else to make it their problem. I just don't want to see it happen to anyone else. If you have never seen one of these threads on BGS showing evidence of these fakes I suggest you take a look. Apparently, these things are everywhere. This is not the first fake MJ A Cut Above I've come across on ebay, it's just the first time a person got angry and refused to listen and continued to sell the card anyway. Avoid this listing and definitely avoid this seller - STUFFNJUNK15

It's crooked dealers and sellers like this that really hurt our hobby..... not to mention all of the people making these fakes in the first place. Take care.