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Full Version: 1 box 2014 SPGU - "O" my!! I hit the luck of the IRISH
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Hit up the local shoppe today, and felt like going in a different direction. I was telling one of the newer guys about much I love SPGU, and decided to grab a box. I let one of the guys there pick it out. Can not complain!!

[Image: IMG_zpsys11b2ik.jpg]
REALLY love the Nelson / Stewart dual!! 2 real legends of the game, and great swatches!

The driver didn't come out for some reason, it wasn't a big player...

O!! There was one more hit in the box...


[Image: IMG_0002_zpswjieh0w7.jpg]

AWESOME CARD!! This makes the second Rory auto I've pulled from this product!

Jay what do you need for these thanks bob l.