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Full Version: Darlington Throw Back Paint Schemes
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Do you have a favorite? Here are my top five:

So, I'm not a Dale Jr. fan, but this Valvoline #88 tip of the cap to Cale Yarborough, Ron Bouchard, Neil Bonnett and Buddy Baker, among others, is pretty cool.
[Image: 88valvoline-throwback-pr.jpg]

Now this is throw back. 1940-50's vintage logo. I like it.
[Image: 48lowes-throwback-diecast.jpg]

What? I think Budweiser should think about throwing this can out there again...the #4 is going to look good out there.
[Image: harvick1.jpg]

I know it's a 1983 Bobby Allison throw back...
[Image: dar-15-641832-paintschemesocialassets_twitter1.jpg]
but isn't the 1988 scheme more iconic?
[Image: 1988-nascar-4.jpg]

OK, last one. A homer pick, yes, but I love the old logo:
The Tony Stewart #14 Bass Pro Shops Chevy
[Image: 14bassproshops-throwback-shrfb.jpg]

There are a lot of cool schemes running, it should bring back a few memories...
I love the JJ car this week. I think the Harvick car would make an awesome die-cast.
They all look great, I am more biased towards the Valvoline, not because of Jr, because old #6 Mark Martin drove that car Smile

(09-04-2015, 05:55 PM)Echo7Bravo Wrote: [ -> ]They all look great, I am more biased towards the Valvoline, not because of Jr, because old #6 Mark Martin drove that car Smile

I thought of Mark too when I saw the car. I think the number should be 6 with Bayne behind the wheel. Smile

EDIT: I'm sitting here watching Practice from early today and I noticed something with the #6. The number logo has been changed to match the one from when Mark drove the Valvoline #6 in the 1997-2000 era. Check it out during qualifying or the race!
The Martin #6
[Image: MarkMartin1997Pocono.jpg]

The Yarborough #27
[Image: img557copycopy.jpg]

Both Sweet...but Jr.'s ride is definitely closer to the Cale scheme...

Really, it's the Neil Bonnett 1989 scheme:
[Image: 75Valvoline1987ref-vi.jpg]
I guarantee you that Jerry and I weren't talking about the overall scheme of the Jr. car, but the hood itself. Any long-time Mark Martin fan associates him with Valvoline. Older fans than me would link him to Folgers and really young fans would link him to GoDaddy. I am sad to say that the others will link him with Phizer/Viagra. Tongue

Actually, I think Jr.'s theme is more of a blend of Yarborough and Bonnett. It's not leaning one way or the other but has aspects of both designs. I'm sure you can see the difference in the 2 designs. Blur them together, change a couple of sponsors, and you get this "retro" 88 car.

Also, I love seeing that #48 'Vintage Lowe's Logo' car out there, but the #4 looks worse than I thought it would. Based off the photo posted earlier, I thought it would be more gold-colored, but it actually looks like a sickly-yellow color. Larson's #42 Mello Yello car looks great, even though Kyle Petty never was (and neither is Mello Yello). There are a lot of great-looking cars/designs out there this week though. I can't wait for the race Sunday evening!
Ha, ya the Mark Martin Valvoline reference was, honestly, lost on me...I didn't really follow racing at all from 1991 until 2004, so some of that stuff gets lost on me...I'm still learning some of the history. And I started collecting racing in 2010, so Martin is Go Daddy...LOL...

i haven't been able to see any of the practice this week...disappointed by your take on the 4...because it looks cool in the picture. The 48 looks ok? I love the old logo, but I was worried about the off-white color.

Sunday will be fun. My son is with me this weekend, and we have our plans set...
i like the throwback schemes a lot. i was listening to sirius today and someone saying that this should be darlingtons thing every year. do a throwback race and try to limit the retro schemes to just darlington so no tow here them out.

My favorite is ricky stenhouse with the david pearson theme. most see david as 21 but he won two championships in that blue and gold 17. the kyle larson is excellent but its easy to do with same colors right sponsor. the wood brothers is ok. i like the pictures but the car just doesnt look right to me. now if joey is driving the hertz scheme i like that one alot also. BRAD K is another fave and i think the red white is better than the gold.

i do not like allgaier, tony stewart and a few others. including i dont like jrs because i think he should have run a dw or bobby allison 88 theme. but sponsor may not have worked out. if they do it again next year i would like to see the marty robbins colors on the 42