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Full Version: Submitting cards at shows
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There is a local card show in my area coming up and BGS will be there. I have 10-12 cards id like to submit and have a few questions;

1) do I still need to box the cards up (as if I were shipping them) or do I literally just hand them the cards?

2) are the prices the same, more or less then if I were to send them through the mail?

3) anyone have experience submitting cards via card shows? Did it go smoothly? Anything to worry about?

Thanks in advance!
I have submitted them at the national and at a card store before. Both times, they placed them into a box that roughly fit the amount of cards I had and then used filler to pack the rest of the box to prevent movement. I liked the card store better because the person I was handing them over to was a guy I had met at the national and he actually did a quick overview (2-3 seconds) to see if anything jumped out at him about why I may not want to grade a certain card. I only had one thing that I already knew about, but was a 1/1 that I just wanted protected. Obviously you don't have to pay insurance either from the post office to get the cards there, because they are already in their possession. Other notes in terms of prices, I have had two experiences with this. The first was just getting the cards to BGS at the store, everyone paid their own price for grading and shipping back to their house. The other was you paid the $X/per card + any extra for auto grading and if the store got some many cards they might be able to get a discount on a per card rate with shipping back to the store. Then the store figured out your percentage of the return shipping and insurance and you paid the rest upon picking up the cards. Formula was roughly (# cards x flat rate of service ) upon submitting, upon pick up it was calculated as %shipping + % insurance - $ per card discount). In using this I think I owed the store about $12 when I picked them up. To help protect the store grades we not given out until you picked up the cards to help prevent people from not paying. He also had a 90 day pickup period where if you didn't pick up the cards in 90 days, he took ownership of them to sell and offset the cost he had to eat.

In terms of overall grading experience, I thought it was great. Got the same service I would expect as if I was sending them in myself. I was also able to get them to do a data correction on two card at no charge by showing them the problems in the label, but I believe they would do that with any order. If you have any other questions, let me know.
Thanks for the info!
no need to box as they need to verify the cards when submitted.
Sometimes they have promos but usually the same.
When going to the even be careful not to get robbed, safety is always an issue at events, better to be safe than sorry.
Sometimes Shows are good for RCR, and they put a discount on the cards after reviewed if you decide to slab.
What do you mean "robbed"? Are you talking by BGS employees or just bystanders?
More than likely they will have a show special discounted rate for doing an RCR there and/or turning them in to be submitted for grading/slabbing at their HQ and then being sent back to you once it is done.

It's best to have the cards either in penny sleeve/top-loaders or card-savers. No need to box it up unless you've got a bunch of cards and that makes it easier for you to carry them around/transport them to the event. They'll pop them out of whatever holders you have and do their thing.

My suggestion to you is do some self grading before you go turn your cards in. This will save yourself both time, money, and heart-ache. REALLY scrutinize your cards and even go on eBay to find a 9.5 or 10 of your card (if possible) and compare the attributes of that card to yours.
Thanks for the info guys!

I've actually submitted cards to BGS many times so "this ain't my first rodeo" so to speak lol, I've just never submitted through a card show and was just curious about the process. Thank you for the info though and I agree with you 100%, People generally aren't tough enough on their own cards before they submit them.
I talk to older dealers at card shows and I'll look at one of their graded cards and he'll say something to the effect of, "can't believe they only gave that card a "x" grade". And most times I can pin point the exact issue, especially with the subgrades.
(09-01-2015, 10:07 PM)altz11 Wrote: [ -> ]What do you mean "robbed"? Are you talking by BGS employees or just bystanders?
Never had problems with Beckett. Other people at the show are the risk