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Full Version: Shaq auto pickups
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Still working on my Shaq RC and 2nd year collection. Just need the early auto cards now. Picked up my first two! Thanks for looking.

[Image: 3972CE67-43EC-48E3-ACA5-3A0372391BB1_zpsegxggn9d.jpg]
dang went WAY old school with those. Very nice!
That is AWESOME! Smile congrats!
Picked up a couple more!

[Image: B05E6FC0-6AD3-41E9-8ECB-0A3CF0433860_zpsenc2tuhz.jpg]
Nice pick-ups. I want to grab a Classic auto of Shaq, but it's never been a high priority.
Nice. I have the set that the future superstars came out of if interested (still in the box).
New addition. Love the look on his face:

[Image: A7507141-B0FA-4333-85BB-52C30C505B47_zpsrl6b2xjj.jpg]

Nice stuff!!! Congrats!!
Awesome Additions!!
Saw these on eBay, but can't find them here on Beckett's price guide. Are they legit? Any idea why they'd be missed on the price guide?

1993 Classic Images /994, and 1993 Topps /500. Both listed with CoA from Score Board.

[Image: s-l500_zpsq15soont.jpg]

[Image: 86a2883a-8676-4efb-8af4-098b5b8ba976_zpsoalmiyhs.jpg] [Image: 144cdd13-1483-47e2-9eee-7fc23f94c722_zpsy6xrvr2t.jpg]
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