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Full Version: Well....I'm Back...
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For 6 months at least. I miss trading on these boards so I bought a 6 month sub. I am hoping most of you remember me and for new members I hope that my feedback speaks for itself.

Anyway, I am slowly adding to my traders and cleaning up my wants. I will try to send out a few offers here today but feel free to have a look and shoot me an offer as well.

Looking forward to making some deals!
Glad to see you back Scott, I all has been good to you and your family in your absence from the Beckett boards.
Welcome back to the boards!!!!
Welcome back Scott.
Thanks everyone. Have some offers out there. Hope to get some deals done. Just looking for Roy base and inserts.
welcome back I come just to check the boards
I am so glad to see members coming back! I hope that we can get the Hockey Forums back to where they once were!!! Welcome back, Scott!