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Full Version: Top 10 wanted cards
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Top 10 Wanted Cards of Anfernee Hardaway.
Here are my top 9 wants plus any of the Legacy as #10

1995-96 Finest Mystery Bordered Refractors Test #M3
1996-97 Flair Showcase Hot Shots #4
1996-97 Flair Showcase Legacy All 3 Rows
1996-97 SP SPx Force #F5 Jordan/Hardaway/Kemp/Stoudamire
1996-97 Z-Force Big Men on the Court Z-peat #2
1997 SPx ProMotion #3
1997-98 Flair Showcase Legacy Collection All 4 Rows
1997-98 SkyBox Premium Golden Touch #GT7
1998-99 E-X Century Dunk 'N Go Nuts #17
1998-99 Flair Showcase Legacy Collection All 3 Rows
1998-99 Fleer Brilliants Gold #8
1998-99 SkyBox Thunder Noyz Boyz #6
nice list...probably all out of my reach but I'll keep my eyes open!