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Full Version: Watch out for Michael Jordan counterfeit inserts.
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In the past month I've come across a couple Michael Jordan '96-'97 Skybox E-X2000 A Cut Above #5 counterfeits. I guess there are a bunch coming out of Taiwan. They aren't just making counterfeit A Cut Above's - also other popular MJ 90's inserts like'98-99 Skybox Thunder Rave and Super Rave, '96-97 Big Men on Court, '97-98 Z-Force Super Rave, and '97-98 E-X2001 Jambalaya. Unfortunately, counterfeits are just something we as collectors have to put up with so I'm here to warn you to be mindful when buying an ungraded MJ 90's insert.

A couple ways to tell the MJ A Cut Above counterfeits are 2 things -
1. the grooves or valleys on the saw marks at the top of the card are smooth, the card should have almost a subtle point in the grooves.
2. the "A Cut Above" stamp on the front of the card shows through on the back of the card. It shouldn't.

I also noticed the gloss on the card is shinier than it should be and there are often damaged edges on the card from whatever they used to cut it. These are die-cut cards after all.

The pic I have is too big but you can check out an ended listing of one of these on ebay. The item # is 141751568048.

There are a few threads on these boards about fake mj inserts. It's good more people are learning about the counterfeits though.
I wouldn't touch Jordan serial numbered inserts with a 39 and a half foot pole! Not even ones like Jambalaya, which are not numbered. There was a guy buying uncut sheets, and cutting them himself and passing them off as pack pulled ones. There are other non numbered ones to watch out for I'm sure. But as far as serial numbered? I wouldn't even buy any at PRE shilled prices of 2007 and after. That's when all the shilling "officially" started, and $350 Jordan PMG red's that were sitting on eBay with a $350 for months with no takers, suddenly started "selling" for $15,000+ smh. Obviously all fake bids made by a few to try and exam some people and make money. They would bid, and still do, on each others cards, and make them reach prices they're happy with. This way people see these fake prices, and take them as the real deal. Then they feed into all the hype, and geez... they want one too! But yeah, fake ones are everywhere, from most, if not all sets. I wouldn't touch them ever again. A real shame what a bunch of losers have done to our hobby.
I have to agree with nba50, I personally will continue to stay away from all "high end" numbered Jordan inserts. I suppose if you know exactly what to look for them your one step ahead but I'm just not quite knowledgable on all the fakes so I will continue to buy Jordan rookies and other low-dollar inserts!