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Full Version: First time collector
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Hey guys/girls

I have been following Jordan cards for about 12 months now, hence my first post on these forums a few days ago but I am looking at getting into a set of something.

I am an 86 baby, so I grew up idolising the early to mid 1990s players. Can anyone give me some suggestions of a higher end set that is increasing in value or something fun I could look to collect as my first set.

Any help would be great.

Thanks alot
The 1986-87 Fleer set is a great set to put together and has been increasing in value. That seems like an obvious choice to me.
First year Jambalaya? Would definitely be a fun set to chase, but be careful for the fakes...
If you take a look at some of my past threads it may help give you some ideas. I've been putting together some early 90s (inserts) sets. Don't think you'll find much in that time period that is increasing in value, but def can be fun. Perhaps some 90's Beam Team would be a start.
The jambalaya set looks sick, but they seem to be pretty hard to acquire
I second the vote for 1986-87 Fleer. It is probably my favorite set. It is the classic basketball set of at least the last 50 years (and possibly history) given the rookies in the set. No one can predict if any card will go up or down, as card prices are largely tied to the overall economy. But this set should be as safe of a long term bet as any out there. The nice thing about the set, is that there are plenty of cards out there. You can try for the set graded (BGS or PSA) or ungraded and have no trouble finding cards for the set. Another plus for the set is that, if you were ever in the need for money, you can usually sell the cards pretty easily because there are a lot of collectors/investors who are alway looking for these cards. I have bought and sold probably a thousand of the cards from this set over the years and it's generally easy to get in or out of a card because the market for this set is liquid. A couple pieces of advice. Be patient with whatever set you decide to build. In any "investment" your best chance to make a profit is getting a good start on the buy side. The better entry point you have, the easier you will be able to sell later. Of course, the point of building the set should be to have fun with your renewed interest in the hobby. But it is always nice when you are not just lighting your money on fire with your hobby and it makes it easier to justify the spending. Second piece of advice is that you should make a thread updating your progress. It is fun to share your progress and others will probably like following along. Sorry for the long post and good luck with whatever you decide.
Another vote for 1986-87 Fleer.