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Full Version: Never thought I would own this card! But here it is!
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I had almost given up on finishing the 04-05 SPA Authentic Rookie Review set. I was three cards away with the Afinogenov, Zherdev and Gretzky card not in my possession. I was told that the two previous cards were never made and therefore I was one card away with the Gretzky being a /12 short print. I had only seen the card on e-bay once and was outbid. Late last week another appeared with a offer price which I eventually won! Here is the completed (from my knowledge) set of Rookie Review auto patches! Thanks for looking and comments welcome!

[Image: RR-AB_zps6f71c13e.jpg]
[Image: RR-AF_zpsdcae5e87.jpg]
[Image: RR-BR_zpsb9b703e4.jpg]
[Image: RR-CD_zpsf03023ce.jpg]
[Image: RR-DA_zpsa2c1284d.jpg]
[Image: RR-DB_zpsd7219be0.jpg]
[Image: RR-DL_zps93ff22a9.jpg]
[Image: RR-DW_zps153f200a.jpg]
[Image: RR-EJ_zps6f68b544.jpg]
[Image: RR-HE_zpsbd258966.jpg]
[Image: RR-HV_zps0f7f1a63.jpg]
[Image: RR-HZ_zps39fe5f7b.jpg]
[Image: RR-IG_zpsd2a3926e.jpg]
[Image: RR-IK_zpsa3f0dd5a.jpg]
[Image: RR-JB_zps683f7460.jpg]
[Image: RR-JK_zps9a926250.jpg]
[Image: RR-JL_zps4c721671.jpg]
[Image: RR-JR_zps05b84385.jpg]
[Image: RR-JT_zps20849351.jpg]
[Image: RR-KL_zpse7efc331.jpg]
[Image: RR-KP_zpsd9b6d27e.jpg]
[Image: RR-MG_zps76de280a.jpg]
[Image: RR-MH_zps65c54602.jpg]
[Image: RR-MN_zps562cd761.jpg]
[Image: RR-MP_zps9b500842.jpg]
[Image: RR-MR_zps9a0d36e6.jpg]
[Image: RR-MT_zpsefd20804.jpg]
[Image: RR-NS_zps7b7d330a.jpg]
[Image: RR-PB_zps84138452.jpg]
[Image: RR-PS_zps45870ea1.jpg]
[Image: RR-RE_zps98870cd6.jpg]
[Image: RR-RL_zpsf90c0afa.jpg]
[Image: RR-RN_zpsc0107b95.jpg]
[Image: RR-RS_zpse5da502f.jpg]
[Image: RR-SC_zpsca9a55a0.jpg]
[Image: RR-SG_zps938aaa53.jpg]
[Image: RR-SP_zpsfb7761ef.jpg]
[Image: img031_zpse063142c.jpg]
[Image: RR-SW_zps60aaed98.jpg]
[Image: RR-ZC_zps76d6b481.jpg]

And the reason for the post!

[Image: img664_zpskszx8rin.jpg]
VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! Some pretty sick patches in there
Great achievement!


Very nice! Congrats!
That looks like a great set all put together!
Those really look great. Nice scans, too!
congrats on finishing off the set and landing a very nice looking Gretzky card.
killer stuff
Awesome that is an amazing set. Congratulations on the Gretzky
Congrats, that's awesome!!!