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Full Version: the force WAS with me on Chrome Star Wars Perspectives
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wow...that's all I can say...I was heading out the door from my LCS after getting torched on 2015 Topps Chrome Baseball (3 boxes with nothing to show for it) when the LCS owner suggested Topps Chrome Star Wars Perspectives. Now I'm a gambler and a pack buster at heart...and I've done Star Wars before, but I knew that there was only one or two names you really want out of this set...and as far as I know, there were no Harrison Ford autos in there. But I took a chance and KABOOM!

 photo ls front_zpsjmmva3a7.jpg
 photo ls back_zps4lcyeyvd.jpg

I only owned it for like 10 hours though, sold it off the market...but now I'm regretting it since it looks like he only signed a very limited amount and only the parallels.
that is an awesome pull!
Wow! That would buy alot of power converters at Toshi station!!
BOOM!! Congrats!! I witnessed a Carrie Fisher auto out of a shop just recently.
thanks guys...every so often it's pretty good to break from sports and do a random item. I love the original cast, so the carrie fisher or a darth vader or even a chewbacka woulda been cool!
That is beyond WOW! Yes, the force was with you and beyond.
Great card man congrats!