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Full Version: 2015 RFFG - Week 25 - STANDINGS
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No NSCS race next weekend, but I figured I would go ahead and post for Race #25.

The next race is on Sunday 9/06 @ Darlington - 7pm on NBC. Cutoff time to make picks in on Sunday 9/06 at 1pm EDT. Here are the current points standings:

1. ss - 838
2. kev - 817 (-21)
3. kd80 - 798 (-40)
4. lead - 785 (-53)
5. spaz - 757 (-81)
6T. dun - 750 (-88)
6T. mini - 750 (-88)
8. E7B - 672 (-166)
9. a9a - 618 (-220)
10. Mik - 497 (-341)
11. rghy - 275 (-563)
12. sf83 - 252 (-586)
Jeff Gordon, thank you.

Kasey Kahne
Gonna have to stick with Logano.......
I don't know why the "1-star Bandit" hit this thread since no one had rated it yet. I rated it a 5 now and will make a temporary pick.

I am picking... SURPRISE, SURPRISE...

Jimmie Johnson!

I might change it later, but I think he really wants this win at Darlington.
Should pick Logano but will take my man , Newman please.
Kevin Harvick
Sunday night race at Darlington, throw back paint schemes, Labor Day weekend...makes you want to go with Jeff Gordon...he has only won there 7 times...

I can see Biffle stepping up and punching his ticket to The Chase...he needs it, because without a win he's definitely out...

So what's everyone's thoughts? I expound every week, but no one ever says anything...rightfully so, probably, but here's my take:

McMurray is in The Chase without a win. He will qualify well, again, but no better than a top 15 this week.
Newman is in The Chase again without a win, and he could snag a win Sunday...he runs well in Darlington. A top 10 this week...I think so...
Menard needs to race Gordon this week. Stay ahead of the 24 and he's in, obviously. Gordon is pretty safe, too, again obviously, unless Biffle can pull something out, because then Richmond really becomes a free for all.

Of course it's all moot if someone wins that already has a win...
Logano is hot, but even that throw back Shell paint scheme isn't going to get him in the top 10...
Harvick is really good here, and everywhere...a top 5? Yup...a win? Not so fast...
Johnson doesn't need a win, but I think the 48 could use a momentum push, and this is a perfect track. I see a top 5, top 3...a win? I hate to pick against him. Seriously...
Kenseth? Can he keep the good times rolling? Wow, I think 5.
Earnhardt...I'm not a fan, but he's good at Darlington, and if he can qualify better than 12 he can run in the front...

I'm taking Kyle Busch. But I'll throw this out there:

1. Kyle Busch
2. Jimmie Johnson
3. Kevin Harvick
4. Jeff Gordon
5. Matt Kenseth
6. Greg Biffle
7. Dale Jr.
8. Ryan Newman
9. Denny Hamlin
10. Carl Edwards

I don't think that anyone without a win right now can win in Richmond, so my take is how it ends this week sets The Chase field...

But really, if I knew anything, I'd be doing this for a living...or earning some big $ on Draft Kings...LOL
14 hours left to make/change picks!
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