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Full Version: Kobe RC mailday
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I've always wanted to pick this card up and finally decided to go for it. Happy to add it to to my Iverson Crome.

Thanks for looking!

[Image: 2F21ED1A-FE78-41B6-8834-A16A4A1083DB_zpsn036wxsb.jpg]
very nice!!!! i wish i would have picked one up a few years ago when you could have gotten a bgs 9 under 200....
Thanks!! Yeah, the value seems to be holding now and I bet once he retires the value will only increase. It's also a very iconic card of the 90's and you can't really go wrong with that
Whoa! I was sitting here thinking to myself "which Kobe RC?" Didn't expect that one. Massive pickup♦!
HAHA yeah, a very vague description. Thanks Buck!