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Hello all

Were the 2004-05 ULTIMATE COLLECTION SIGNATURES serial numbered?

I have a lebron James one 14/23 but can't find it no where.............came from 2004-2005 box

Any suggestion guys?
My Ray Allen isn't #'ed because it's the base version.

Ray Allen photo DSC00179.jpg

Your LeBron is the Ultimate Signatures "gold" parallel where the card's were numbered to the player's jersey number. E.g your LeBron is #'ed to 23. If my Ray Allen were the gold parallel then it'd be #'ed to 34. Sweet LeBron you have!
Yep... What ^he said.

GREAT second year Lebron auto!
Thanks..........trying to find a good pricing on it, Beckett has similar card not numbered at 375-400
Same with 2006-07 LeBron James UD Black AUTO VETERAN PATCH JERSEY Autograph 11/25
06'07 UD Black was not released in a box set. This was the inaugural release for UD Black. There were randomly inserted "UD Black" redemption cards into all upper deck basketball boxes during the 06'07 season. The redemption card didn't state what card you would be receiving either. It was a complete luck of the draw. I remember I pulled one of these Black redemption cards and was mystified. I submitted my code and when I got the card in the mail it was only a Richard Jefferson dual jersey card, lol. I didn't fair so well!
So there is no actual pricing for UD Auto Veteran Patch Jersey