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Full Version: Another NHL Debut for the Museum? Check It Out!
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I'm so nice I couldn't wait until Sunday to post this piece, so here it is today!

Born on February 16, 1984 in Malmo, Sweden, Cristopher Nilstorp was a standout player in the Swedish Elite League of hockey. He was never drafted into the NHL. After an epic season with Farjestads in that Swedish league in 2012, Nilstorp was signed by the Dallas Stars for a year. He produced solid numbers for the Texas Stars of the AHL in 2012-13, before finally getting his shot at the show. On January 20, 2013, Nilstorp was given the call every goalie wants to get growing up. He was given the chance to start the game for Dallas against the Minnesota Wild. He played extremely well, stopping 31 of 32 shots, however his team gave him no goals resulting in a 1-0 defeat in his debut. He appeared in five games in 2012-13 before rejoining the Texas Stars. In 2013-14, he was the AHL starter for Dallas, and got into one additional game that year, where he was lit up for three goals on seventeen shots. After the season, he opted to return to Sweden to play.

In his six game NHL career, Nilstorp recorded a 1-3-1 record with a 3.26GAA, and a 0.890% save average.

The jersey you are looking at right now was used by Nilstorp in his NHL debut/first NHL loss, and one additional game (first overtime loss) in 2012-13. Heavily marked despite the use, it is an extremely easy photomatch. Pictures of Nilstorp in this sweater are on most of his rookie cards, as well as on many Getty Image shots.

Acquired From: Meigray Group

Dates of Game Use:
January 20, 2013 v Minnesota (1-0L, 31-32)
February 25, 2013 v Nashville (5-4OTL, 26-31)

Photomatched: YES

[Image: nilstorp1_zps445ze8fq.jpg]

[Image: nilstorp2_zpslgrpnrz6.jpg]

[Image: nilstorp3_zpsfjbunrfq.jpg]

[Image: nilstorp4_zpshqkgbgrq.jpg]

[Image: nilstorp5_zpsfxdrhs2m.jpg]

[Image: nilstorp6_zpsktnmxqvi.jpg]

[Image: nilstorp7_zpsubu6xkzo.jpg]

[Image: nilstorp8_zpsn6k6zqzs.jpg]

[Image: nilstorp9_zpsbjjnomgl.jpg]