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Full Version: Is this Michael Jordan Rookie Card Authentic?
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I am about to pay for this Michael Jordan Rookie and want to know if it's authentic. I've read about some things that should be present but I just want some second opinions.

Is it authentic?

 photo Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 12.24.37 PM_zpst9diayfv.png

 photo Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 12.24.50 PM_zps95dfesq0.png

When in doubt, guess "No." The "PREMIER" tag does look a little funny color-wise in this picture, though.
This card is NOT authentic! There are multiple different Fleer Jordan counterfeits and this is one of the tougher ones to spot because on the back of the card;

The bulls eyes (or the white of the eyes) are showing when typically they are colored in on counterfeits. Also, in the "stats" area, the 27.2 has the decimal point showing, whereas most counterfeits don't show the decimal point.

But the dead giveaway that this is a counterfeit is on the front of the card. The Yellow "Premier" banner is all one color...It should be two! The end of the banner where it makes that bend or fold should be a darker yellow, almost a gold color. From the scan the entire banner looks yellow.
Another dead giveaway that most people don't see but is very obvious is the poor clarity of the picture. Most counterfeits (including this one) look very foggy and snowy. The picture looks very pixelated. A real Jordan rookie will NEVER look like this! Authentic Jordan's look crisp and clear.
I hope this helps.

And just a friendly piece of advice- you would have had more responses and sooner had you posted this in the correct forum. It should have been in the basketball "Hobby" forum, not basketball "Sports talk".
Follow this guide here and you'll be safe from the whether it is authentic or not standpoint:

You'll need to have a magnifying glass and/or loupe to check some of those items. You can get a magnifying glass for about $10 at Office Depot and you can get a loupe for like $20-30 depending on where you shop around at.

The other item you'll have to watch out for is the card being cut/shaved. It's always good to have a common with you to match up the size, coloring, and card feel as well. I suggest an Orlando Woolridge since it's another Chicago Bulls player and has the same type of back that the Jordan will in terms of the Bulls logo, etc. You can also go buy a digital caliper from like Home Depot and get an exact measurement of it as well.