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Full Version: 1990's Insert Subsets
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Found a box buried underneath some other hockey cards boxes. It has a bunch of 1990's Insert Subset cards.

Looking to trade them in full sets

Here's the list (all sets a complete)

1991 Classic
1991-92 Pro Set CC
1991-92 Upper Deck Holograms
1991-92 Upper Deck Brett Hull Collection
1992-93 McDonald's Holograms
1992-93 Pinnacle Team-Pinnacle
1992-93 Pinnacle Masks
1992-93 Upper Deck All-Rookie Team
1992-93 Upper Deck Euro Rookie Team
1993-94 Ultra Oates Highlights
1993-94 Ultra Wave Of the Future
1993-94 Upper Deck Next-In-Line
1994-95 Ultra Award Winners
1994-95 Ultra All-Stars
1994-95 Ultra Fedorov Highlights
1994-95 Ultra Scoring Kings
1994-95 Upper Deck SP's Series 1+2
1995-96 Topps Power Lines
1995-96 Topps Profiles
1995-96 Upper Deck Gretzky Collection Series 1
1996-97 Collectors Choice MVP's Silver
1996-97 Upper Deck Generation Next
1996-97 Upper Deck Hart Hopefuls Bronze
1996-97 Upper Deck Power Performers
1997-98 Collectors Choice Stick 'Ums
1997-98 Donruss Rated Rookies
1997-98 Donruss Red Alert
1998-99 UD Choice Star Quest Blue
2003-04 Upper Deck Mr. Hockey
I'd be interested in the StarQuest set, also I didn't forget about the Upper Deck stuff. I'll be looking through it to see what I have later today.
OK. just send me an offer when you get a chance to look through your Upper Deck stuff
I could use the 92-93 pinnacle mask set. Check my organizer to see if we can get a deal done.

5fighting ~ offer sent