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Full Version: When will the Custom Registry problems be fixed
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Who can give me a DEFINITE date as when the Custom Registry problems will be fixed. I've been screwing around with a Yankee Autograph custom registry set for several months now. I CAN NOT add any cards (by cards I mean slots for future autograph grading/purchasing so there is a slot in the registry for that particular card) for several months now. No one when I had been calling can give me any answers except "We're working on other things". This is getting very frustrating as I have been working on this all year. That's 7 months people and no one cares enough to message, or call, or give a reply to the threads I've started here. Where's the Customer Service here?????
What's really aggravating is I keep getting calls from Beckett trying to make deals to get the OPG again. I told them I collect graded cards and until the Registry is fixed i'm out.

They won't stop calling though! (sigh)
I understand your feelings crossada. When I call to try to find out what's going on and when the registry is going to be fixed and updated, they keep passing me on to different customer service people. No one will give me a straight answer and if they do, it's always a lie just to get me off the phone. I can't get transferred to any managers or high up people at Beckett to give me a straight answer. Right now, I really doubt if Beckett ever gets any more of my cards to grade. I've got about 200 laying here that will start going to SGC.