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Full Version: Looking to move these Kobe RCs
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Would like to move these to try and pick up some other pc stuff. Thanks for looking.

[Image: A5E2436C-70EA-4892-9E1D-994AA654181A_zpsj0e8xtoq.jpg]

[Image: 46855CAF-E4F9-4E47-8137-E85F41EC9663_zpsavi9grt2.jpg]

[Image: A37B8776-CEA8-48A7-B8AF-44E823BE0B9A_zpslzaoqntt.jpg]

[Image: 11C6E222-9191-417A-BCD1-1C5A9CC543EF_zpsgndtipgf.jpg]

[Image: 1516691A-0DE6-4E55-B48B-557FA9A95502_zpsnwnurahv.jpg]

Willing to sell also. My want list can be found here: