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Full Version: 2013-14 Prizm: Difference between Prizm (color) and Pulsar?
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Could someone please explain/show me how to determine if I have a Prizm Blue vs. a Blue Pulsar?

Thank you,

Prizm Blue is a smooth glass looking blue. Blue Pulsar is multiple blue diamond-like shapes throughout the card. Lookup 2013-14 Panini Prizm Hockey Blue on the Beckett site. They have pictures that show the differences.
Here you go buddy,

Left is Prizm Blue/Red, Right is Pulsar Blue/Red

[Image: YandlePrizmBlueRed_zpse98vmijo.jpg]
Which one is worth more?

I have a Killorn Blue Pulsar, then. Beckett says it's $5.00 vs. the regular Blue, which is $6.00.
Yeah Prizm Blue / Red are usually worth a bit more then the Pulsar probably because the Blue/Red are found in blasters and the Pulsar are found in rack pack