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Full Version: Scrivens 1/1
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Hey all, I pulled this scrivens 1/1, and I was hoping you guys could shed some light on it. Specifically a trade or sell value. Any help would be appreciated, thank you

[Image: BC510402-4237-4BDC-AE3F-23A9D4E59B21_zpsfs5a5zrn.png]
[Image: 62C7C475-E8DE-45DD-83CC-FF064F8880F5_zpswvz1tkah.png]
I think he's an okay goalie on a crappy team, its worth about $10 to me, probably worth more to an oiler fan, your gonna get whatever some one is willing to pay for it.
nice card but like Maverick06 said whatever one is willing to give up for it