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Full Version: How does Beckett frame rookie booklets
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I've got a PK Subban rookie quad patch booklet I'm looking to get graded.
I wasn't able to get a straight answer from the good people at Beckett.
The rep mentioned having an over sized case, that is way too big for the opened booklet. I'm worried about display aesthetics.

Does anyone know if they have a booklet specific case, or can anyone offer up an image before i commit to sending it over?


I'm just bumping this back up because I want to know, too. Anyone?
Look at this Beckett news, I think that a graded RC booklet should look like this :

Hope this will help.

I would think that they can only use what they have made and on hand. The booklets are relatively new (if you call about 8 years new), so they might not have the casing available. The demand for graded booklets is also low, so that does not entice them to speed up the process of making new casing.

sspboss302 beat me to the punch. I was able to get some nice examples from fellow members of what a graded booklet should look like. They seem to have the posts to hold the cards in place, as do the regular cards, so you can be assured that they will not move around. Thing is... the finished product is HUGE!!! I have only two graded cards, and they are enough of a headache. I would hate to think of what I would have to do to house one of those bad-boys. That's some valuable real-estate to lose. Haha!

that example is one sick card. i'd collect baseball just for the mear chance of hitting something like that.