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Full Version: PC pickups...again
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Hey all im not around a lot, work and kids...but do drop in and read the boards from time to time. I picked up a couple new PC pieces. I'm stoked about the Draisaitl, got a good deal on it too imo. The Maatta ive seen around and have tried to land it a few times..I've finally done it! Woot. and the Tarasenko isn't a bad one to have either. Here they are and comments are always welcome. Thank you

Draisaitl Ice /10
[Image: CEA2AE93-4FC1-4867-8DC4-8ED63DFDD88E_zpscs2pdrn1.jpg]

Maatta National Treasures /10
[Image: B227E37A-197E-446A-87C3-ACCCB2BC4960_zpsqvbc8pwl.jpg]

Draisaitl /99
[Image: E6269CE5-F3E8-4DED-881A-47D06BD08EEF_zpspphkoyeu.jpg]

Tarasenko /399
[Image: 47EF9602-AFEF-44D7-8772-ED1EAB9B5B69_zps37gi3yty.jpg]

Very nice pickups.
Amazing Maatta ans Draisaitl.