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Full Version: A reunion 5 YEARS in the making
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I was looking on Ebay a while back, I think for Leaf Best of Hockey cards, and saw THIS listed:

[Image: IMG_0001_zpsjkftvvim.jpg]

I almost lost my mind! The seller had it listed as a "TRUE ONE OF ONE" since it's actually the GOLD version (1/1) of the 09-10 ITG Between The Pipes glove card.

However, I pulled THIS back when the product was released:

[Image: 0910itgbtpglovesavemartyturcogold1o.jpg]

Obviously, the one above was a replacement, in case the packed out one was damaged somehow.

I'm so pumped about bringing these cards back together!! They now sit side-by-side in my display case!!

I'm going to miss In The Game.
Awesome story and cards