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Full Version: Did I get jipped by UD?
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I just busted 2 hobby boxes of o-pee-chee platinum. The first box contained 1 auto card of a Adam Henrique retro. The second box didn't contain a auto card. Im wondering if others busted boxes like this or if I just got screwed by UD. I did however pull 2 blue cube cards from the box and theyre both #'ed to 65. Im wondering if that's the reason I didn't receive an auto. If that's the case that sucks because I would of rather had an auto of someone than 2 variation cards that il either sell or trade. Sorry for ranting! lol

Feedback is welcome. Thanks
Call them up and see what they say.

(05-15-2015, 07:11 PM)rayeates Wrote: [ -> ]Call them up and see what they say.

Thanks I think I will. I was thinking about doing that but wasn't sure what they could do.
Sometimes this happens. The stated odds are just that: odds, unless they are listed as "guarantees". If you didn't get an auto, there's a box someplace out there with two. Maybe I'll go pick up a box today and see if I can find it!
If i remember correctly box does say "1 hard signed rookie card per box" and does not have "on average" after that . So I would contact Upper Deck and let them know and they should replace the missing hit. will need a receipt though I believe.