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Full Version: looking to make some new trades!
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Good afternoon, I currently purchase cards by the monster boxes. Obviously I have no control of what is in these boxes. So needless to say there is a great mix of variety in them. I do not know much outside of football cards in which I super collect Edgerrin James (teams played for:Colts/ Cardinals/ Seahawks) I will trade in your favor for something I do not already own. But, have been collecting many years to him. Although, I will take any cards of his to add to his collection for duplicates do not bother me. Really looking for the rare items in which I do not own currently. I have been active on adding roughly 3-4 hundred cards per day, and on weekends adding roughly around a thousand new items. I will consider other trades of other players of the right sport. Still have around 8 monster boxes to sort. I only list cards that are rookies, parallels, base that are at least a dollar or more. So, needless to say not a ton of junk to have to fish through. I look forward to helping with your collections as well. Lets gets some big trades going! Thanks for your help!