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Full Version: Trade time?
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I haven't traded much on here in a little while. Thought I would put up my current cards for trade.

Also have more that are in my ORG if interested, Check them out.

Looking for Penny Hardaway, Ty Lawson, and then any other great trade bait that might be out there (Durant, Lebron, Jordan, etc).

[Image: 20150315_164153_zpsqovhyze9.jpg][Image: 20150315_164136_zps85eflyhp.jpg][Image: 20150315_164243_zps3ulgzfgx.jpg][Image: 20150315_164821_zpseph3zmgl.jpg][Image: 20150315_165124_zps9srmam1i.jpg][Image: 20150315_165133_zpstlz6u3vd.jpg][Image: 20150315_165155_zpslh57dlnn.jpg][Image: 20150315_164615_zpsnzaz5u5l.jpg]
I want to make some trades. Anyone interested in anything?