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Full Version: Basketball FT for baseball or listed stuff
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Have around 250 basketball cards ft in org, would love to move them for baseball or the stuff listed below. Nothing mind blowing, 6 or 7 relics and one auto. Most of the base are stars or former stars. Would love to move all at once and will also sell if anyone's interested.

Trading for the below

Amare Stoudemire
Marcus Allen - Raiders uniform
Bo Jackson - Raiders Uniform
Tim Brown
Casino Royale (Bond Movie), base, inserts, relics and autos
Sons of Anarchy stuff
Warren Moon
Lebron James
Michael Jordan
Barry Sanders
David Fulcher
Will happily go in your favor for the above, would like to move all my basketball!
Any takers?
Anyone tonight? Would move them all for a good deal
bump it up
did not see any basketball in your org
I have 240 or so cards ft in org for basketball, they come up for me just fine. Maybe site is acting up again but I can see them. Can anyone else not see them?