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Full Version: Garage sale pickup
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I don't collect basketball except for my favorite players but I bought a huge box filled with baseball and basketball cards for 4.00. Turns out it was a huge steal as I got over 400 cards total, most of which are either close to or over 1.00 in bv or more. Also in the box was 1 auto, 7 relics, 2 cards that are 12.00 in bv and 1 card that is 8.00 in bv. All will be FT once i get them added. Most are from 2003-04. Looking for Amare Stoudemire, baseball or various other cards from football. Still adding but should be done in a another hour or so.
Sweet. Always nice to find great deals. I checked out some garage sales and second hand stores a wile back looking to find a small treasure but no such luck.