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Full Version: 4 Box Break 2014 Museum!
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So picked up my 4 boxes of Museum. A little expensive. I will say the cards are beautiful. Really like the quality. But wholly cow can you get some duds. I got saved by the 2nd to last pack of the last box. But otherwise, I'm probably not going to spend any more money on this product. Too expensive. Had much more luck in the cheaper stuff. But here we go...

Box 1 - Pretty Sweet Jamal Charles Pro-Bowl card and Aaron Murray on card auto. I'm an Aaron Murray magnet. Have like 6 of his autos now.

[Image: Museum_1.jpg]

Box 2 - Terance West super box haha. Too bad it wasn't an OBJ super box. The Bortles and Bridgewater are big names but high numbered relic cards.

[Image: Museum_2.jpg]

Box 3 - Really like the Martavis Bryant. The on-card RC autos are pretty sweet.

[Image: Museum_3.jpg]

Box 4 - Alright, so far I was a little sick to my stomach with what I got. Lot of money down the drain. These were 3 of the hits from the last box. Marcel Reece pretty sweet patch.

[Image: Museum_4.jpg]

But then I was saved by one card... and still if I sold all the cards I got in these 4 boxes I'd be in a decent hole. But this made a complete disaster in to something decent.

[Image: Museum_Bortles.png]

Nice stuff!
Thanks guys... yea, the cards are super sweet. The pro bowl patches are awesome. Just a little too expensive for my blood. Probably the only packs I'll open.

Loaded up everything in my org. Check me if you are interested.
That's a real sharp looking set. I'd be interested in the Carey if you are open to trading.
(03-06-2015, 12:35 AM)jplarson Wrote: [ -> ]That's a real sharp looking set. I'd be interested in the Carey if you are open to trading.
Oh man, even the feeling of the cards is very nice. Top notch product if you ask me, just expensive. I'll check your org for the carey.
I'll take a few of those Aaron Murray autos off your hand that you have. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you'd like
Nice break!! The Bortles did save your break. Are you keeping it or trading/selling? Not for me, just curious.
Dang man your mojo just keeps continuing.
I hit a derek carr cracked ice auto last night, but for some reason I'd take your luck over mine right now
Very nice!
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