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Full Version: 98-99 Topps Chrome Preview question
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I was looking at some mj cards online and came across a bunch of chrome "preview" cards that look identical to the regular chrome base card.
what are the preview cards? How do they differ from the regular chrome base card and are they more desired/expensive?

looking on ebay, I can't even find a regular 98-99 Topps Chrome Michael Jordan card. All I see are the chrome preview.

they were inserts in 98-99 topps packs, not chrome packs. I actually pulled the MJ from a 98-99 topps box a few months back. Great looking card but horribly centered so I can't get it graded unfortunately.

By the time chrome came out they knew MJ wasn't playing that year so he wasn't in the regular chrome set.
Interesting! Thanks for the info buck.

I don't remember jordan not playing in 98-99. My memory is not what it used to be.