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Full Version: I have an hour to spend $20
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Really just in the mood to buy a little something. I love Atlanta sports and vintage but I'll buy anything nice. Star rookie, nice patch, booklet, auto etc. I have an hour before I go out for dinner and would love to strike a deal. PLEASE leave a scan of the card (or build a lot you'd let go for $20) and I'll make someone $20 richer Smile lol. Thanks everyone!
Any of these?

[Image: B11BCA5B-6B63-47A2-9F96-144C18662CF4_zpswjy4dw5y.jpg]
I do like the Spahn and Nolan. Where's Eckersley stache?!?! Hahah
I've got this Venters patch #'ed to 9
[Image: image4-1.jpg]