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Full Version: 1 Box Contenders (Carr SP, Watt/22)
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Alright, my local is clearing out his stuff for the upcoming new products. So getting these boxes at great prices for local stuff. Doesn't have much left, so I picked up a box of Contenders. Been hitting some really cool stuff with this guy, so as long as that continues I'm going to get more. In this box got my first Derek Carr auto. A variation I card. Also got a cracked Ice JJ Watt #d 1/22. Also got a Tre Mason RPS redemption

Putting them in my org now. Let me know

[Image: Contenders%2003-04.png]
(03-04-2015, 10:10 PM)maizenblue73175 Wrote: [ -> ]CONGRATS ON UR 1ST CARR
Thanks man. So I was just organizing and putting my contender autos together. One of the autos I got was of some scrub player that I put in to the scrub pile... that I've never heard of... of course he plays for Dallas! Smile

Dustin Vaughan? Apparently it's an SP. Sells better than most of the contenders autos on the bay. Not putting it up there, just wanted to check what they were going for.
Supreme break! Watt is really making a huge name for himself in the hobby, and among communities. Congrats!

Man, you are having some amazing good luck with your boxes! Congrats!
Not a bad box. Carr Auto, Watt cracked ice & Chris boreland is no slouch either.