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Full Version: Trading for and buying vintage!
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Going to get signed up with the ORG and trading part on here and get everything loaded up. I have some pretty nice stuff I will be looking to trade for vintage. Also buying. I will ALWAYS ask for scans of front and back when dealing with vintage so please provide scans and an asking price or what you will be looking for in return trade wise. Thanks in advance and I look forward to making some deals with the collectors on here. I've attached a few scans below, please let me know if anything interest you and lets make something happen.

[Image: IMG_1237_zpsrssjury8.png]

[Image: 349969D7-77E4-4C76-BD4E-77E487AA3183_zpsepuimwkp.png]

[Image: image_zps58e707be.jpg]

[Image: 09D697B6-8255-456E-9ECA-F4CE2CBAEE6B_zpso7wbqxii.jpg]

[Image: 1784B2B8-9213-4170-A577-364C283E3DAA_zpstakwjw30.jpg]

Just a bit of what I have, will be getting more photos up soon.
How dare you post profane messages on such hallowed boards! Just kidding, that is one sweet Phil Niekro patch!
Haha, always loved those cards. Wanted to get the set together (black scribble, white out, etc) Thanks for the Neikro comment. Wouldn't happen to have and Ted Williams you're willing to part with huh?
I wish! I'm more of a modern Red Sox guy anyways. Even if I had one, he would stay in the pc haha
Understandable. I might have a few things you'd like. Ill send a PM when I get home.
(03-04-2015, 02:58 PM)VintageCollector Wrote: [ -> ]Understandable. I might have a few things you'd like. Ill send a PM when I get home.
I recently set myself a monthly trade limit so that I can keep myself from becoming too addicted to trading, so I won't be trading any until March 15th or so, but you are welcome to still send the PM. I would be more than willing to negotiate, just not finalize anything for about a week. I have to stick with the plan