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Full Version: Frustrated with the collecting choices I have made (long read)
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Well here I am again wrapped up in a PC of a guy who's performance/personal life has let me down. I am speaking of Josh Hamilton. I currently have 36 autographs and patches of his that I have traded for and purchased over the last few years. This has happened a couple of other times with Roy Oswalt and Jason Bay. I collected those guys heavily back when I got back in the game is 2006-2007. Oswalt had a solid career but nothing unbelievable. Jason Bay was solid back in the day with Pittsburgh and then also just kind of went away. I am tired of collecting guys that continue to just let me down time and time again. The above stated reasons are why I am going in a new(kinda) direction.

A new(kinda) direction: I am going to re-focus on my original PC guy Ryne Sandberg. I have decided I am going to pick up super collecting him again. I had made some significant progress with this late last year. I hope to be trading for more of his cards on here in the future. I have plenty of solid trade bait in my opinion to help achieve my goals. I will also be looking to purchase some of his cards. I should have all of my haves and wants listed in org by this evening or tomorrow.
I will also continue collecting HOF patches and autos as those players typically can't tarnish their names or reputations.
Hunter Pence autographs and patches will be another focus of my collection and I hope that his play and popularity continues. I watched him play for the Hooks down here in Corpus Christ AA ball. I love his passion and hustle for the game.

Sorry for the long rant/read but I felt I needed to put this out there to help myself get back on a good path that won't cause me anymore grief.
I hear ya!

Not quite the same but I was in same boat with New England Patriots as I only want to collect Pats but then FA and trades happen and then I feel so let down once they are no longer on the team and my collection isn't as enjoyable to me anymore. Wes Welker is #1 on that list. I got so much of his stuff and now it bothers me that he's no longer out there playing for my team.

So now I've started to soley focus on Brady and Gronk(as Gronk has long term deal in place and doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon)

As for Hamilton himself, it is a sad situation. So much talent and a really likeable guy but his demons couldn't let him be. Shame.
Rob, I hear you bro with this one. I have collected barry bonds for 20 plus years and let's just say my collection has taken a massive hit over the last 5 years. Over the last couple years I've learned to branch out and just get a little of everyone. I will forever continue to collect bonds but with in reason.

Feel free to check my org and see if I have anything you are looking for and hopefully we can throw down another deal.
Hard situation with Hamilton.

I understand where your coming from though. I've been collecting Dustin Pedroia very heavily since 2006 and I'm thinking that maybe after this year I'm not going to continue so I can free up those funds for other parts of my PC. I guess collecting the first ten years of his career isn't to bad though I could always change my mind on this.
Thanks for the support. Just tired of getting burned on guys. It agitates me to think about time and money I have dumped into Hamilton, Oswalt, Bay and Hafner. Imagine the type of HOF, Pence, or Sandberg cards I could have been getting with that trade bait or money....
Hate to see a great talent like Hamilton slip into such circumstances. Good luck with your new pc.
Same issue here. See Alex Rodriguez, Juan Gonzalez, Miguel Tejada, Ben Grieve, Eric Chavez, and other A's stars from the 2000s. The problem is I can resist building PCs of individual players. I now have Rickey Henderson (always have collected him actually), Cal Ripken Jr (after I moved from the Baltimore/Washington area of course), Nolan Ryan and my young players are Andrew McCutchen (great person all around according to reports), Billy Hamilton (speed) and Mike Trout (5 tools - why not?).
Hammy has always been on my radar as a good but not great player. When he took over the homerun derby in the old Yankee stadium, I found myself drawn to him. And then all of the coverage of him getting out of the drugs and turning his life around. And covering up the tattoos with arm sleeves.
I grew a huge appreciation for him. (I'm not saying anything against tattoos)

And then the situation where he tossed the ball up to the guys son and the dad fell and died. My heart went out to Hammy.
I think the move to LA was bad for him. Not sure if it was his choice or not but I wish he would've stayed.

As far as collecting make sure when you are calling something PC it is that personal collection. I collect Jeter and heyward. Heyward got traded and I decided to only collect his Braves uni cards.
Im with Rich. I collect a little bit of numerous stars. If one guy's production wavers a little, another guy's increases. Variety is the spice of life, right?
Tough situation. I had the opposite problem. I started collecting Kershaw many years ago, but I had to stopped after his cards when up too high in price. Also, I picked a few Trout at the beginning but with his quick fame same situation happened. I have stroked with doing vintage sets and buying bowman products and adding cards that I liked. Now I have started picking Matt Adams cards, but will see how long I last getting his cards. No matter what I love collecting cards.
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