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Full Version: Gone For Awhile - But Need Opinions!
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Sorry that I have not posted in quite some time but took a break from the hobby only to be pulled back in by the allure of never hitting anything.

Anyway, I have been pretty luck with 13-14 Panini Preferred and hit a redemption: James Harden Prime Silhoutte #/25 back in October.

Called today as I know it will never be filled; the offer (which I accepted) was for a Kevin Durant auto and a Kobe auto (brand, year to be revealed by tomorrow.

Do you think this was a good move or should I have went for a Durant auto and a Irving auto?
depends. That Harden silhouette, if it had had a decent patch, would sell for a pretty big chunk of change so your Durant and Kobe can't just be run of the mill brand /199 or you probably lost money.

Kyrie? It'd need to be a RC auto to command enough of a premium to outdo Kobe so between those two you probably made the right call.
Man that Harden would have been a monster. I might have waited awhile longer on it before replacing. There have been numerous stories of redemptions getting filled a year or more after being redeemed. You will probably not get what the live Harden would have been worth in a Kobe/Durant or Durant/Kyrie. Even if you get Flawless Durant/Kobe autos, I don't think that would be worth the Harden (if it had a sick patch). Maybe if you get patch/autos, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that lol.
Take what they offer. You might actually get it.