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Full Version: First Prizm retail auto hit
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So, even though I've bought a LOT of prizm retail since they started making Prizm, I haven't actually pulled an auto from it. Went to Target to get a gas can (lol, LONG story) and picked up 3 multi packs of Prizm and one blaster of Absolute. Anyhow, so what did I end up getting? A Blake Bortles Red White and Blue auto /100! Smile So, not the best QB I could have pulled from last year, but still a pretty decent hit! Also got a Retail Jersey of Sammy Watkins from Absolute, so pretty decent. Once I can sneak the cards in past my girlfriend I'll get some scans of all the hits!
Nice hit! I the in-laws visiting, I used an excuse to go to target and get a few of the 3 packs of Prizm, best hit was a Red White Blue Jerry Rice.
So that makes at least one person I know that has pulled one. Congrats!
Thinking about it, this is actually my second retail auto..... last year I got some 7th round falcons player auto....

Anyhow, this was the haul:

(The absolute quad I scanned both sides)
Not bad at all for retail....on the prizm, the retail boxes that the packs are $2.99 each have all had 3 autos per box for me.....just a little info...Smile