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Full Version: from best pack to worst
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So as you. All know my wife and i gave birth to a beautiful baby bboy this week.

Well, we havent had the luxury of enjoying being a family yet. Before they discharged us, my wife started vomitting blood. The first night we were there, they gave her four doses of a medication she was not supposed to have due to a past surgery to her stomach. When they did a CT scan, they discovered her small intested was obstructed AND flipped around itself, so yesterday they rushed her in for exploratory surgery.

They doctors. Ended up having to remove over 150 cm (which j think isroughly Seven feet) of her small intestine. They may have to remove more, to the point they vaccum sealed her abdominal cavity and didnt even close her up. Shes in ICU in critical condition and they are going back in today.

They mlst terrifying part is the fact that, before they took her in, she told me very bluntly that she didnt think she could survive this...and she really meant it.

This is the first time since i met my wife that we have gone more than an hr without talking, im not handling it well at all.

Makkng matters worse, its my oldest daughters birthday monday too.

Thanks for letting me vent guys, it helps to be able to let my feelings out.
Wow, I am sorry to hear all of this. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Keep us posted on what happens with your wife.
(02-28-2015, 11:44 AM)nickm1123 Wrote: [ -> ]Wow, I am sorry to hear all of this. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Keep us posted on what happens with your wife.
Totally agree with the previous post.
Also, sometimes is hard to cope with a situation when you are the one that needs to stay strong. So know you can vent all you want and say whatever you need to say in here, If that helps.
Hang in there buddy. Wishing for everything to turn ok there.
What a truly challenging situation. Please know you and your family are in my thoughts and payers bud. Only be as strong as you can be. This is a time to vent as needed. I hope all is well.
I'm just totally lost without her, since i go to school and work two jobs,she was ink charge of the,i can handle paying bills, but all the bill money is in her personal checking account that i cannot access. Also,couple all this with the fact that we need to be out of our old house,and I'm just losing it.
thoughts and Prayers to you and your family. Hoping everything works out and she pulls through!
Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Hang in there and I hope everything works out!
I echo everyone's sentiment. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. Collectively as a community I am sure everyone is fine should you need to use this board to speak your mind or seek support and company in these trying times.