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Full Version: Atlanta Braves...Autos, Game Used, and Vintage Wanted
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Looking for pretty much any auto or game used especially of 90s Braves players or HOFers. Also looking for vintage Braves HOFer cards.
Check my org I might have some
I've got the perfect stuff for you! PM me and I'll get a list together for you.
To the top!
I have much in the organize to trade
Mailing some trades off tomorrow...hopefully adding a few more tonight.
It's 9:43am EST going to the Post Office in about an hour. Looking to make a trade or trades before I head out the house.
Still looking...
I've got a few. Looking for Current Mets, 1986 Mets autos, Current Falcons and Vick autos. Dolphins autos/gu. Peyton Manning tough pulls, Colts OK, and Cowboys GU/ autos.

2002 UD Diamond Connection Bat a Round Sheffield, Chipper, A.Jones, Maddux 4 pieces of bats
2005 Skybox autographics Marcus Giles #1 out of /75 has piece of jersey too.
2006 Sp by the letter Marcus Giles letter E 4/36 and 3/36, (two of them)
2002 UD Diamond Connection Big League Heroes Javy Lopez 35/200 bat
2002 UD Diamond Connection Big League Heroes Tom Glavine 12/200 jersey
2002 UD Diamond Connection #435 Glavine piece of bat 262/775
2002 UD Diamond Connection #211 Glavine piece of jersey 320/775
23 other gu with dale murphy (3), chipper (10), furcal, smoltz (2), McGriff, javy lopez
8 autos

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