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Full Version: Do you wait to get rookies or get them right away?
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How many of you wait to get a rookie you want? I really want to get a Mariota rookie when they come out, would like press pass, especially if the Eagles somehow get him. Would you get it right away or wait a year or two? I would hate to get it right away, spend a lot of money on the card, and then he becomes a bust.
I think it depends on how you intend to collect. If you just want a card of his, then I'd wait and see what the prices do. If you want to supercollect a guy, then I'd start grabbing the low numbered ones right away, or else you risk never seeing them again. That said, I put a price on what I'm willing to pay, especially if they aren't a starter, or if they are injured. I'd rather stick to what I can afford, than blow the bank to get a card that someone is asking unreasonable prices for. Just my opinion Smile
What until after the draft to see what team he goes to. It is almost always worth waiting, even if the player turns into a star the price you pay when their first cards come out will be less than if you wait a few months. By the way I don't think Press Pass will be making any more cards, as I recall them saying that they were closing a few months ago.
I wait until they are inducted into the HOF