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Full Version: 1 Pack of Pop Century 11 by 14 and a box of Supernatural
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So I went to my guy the other day and decided to buy a pack of the Pop Century 11 by 14 from last year for 65 bucks from what was 135. I figured I could take the risk and I was happy I did because staring back at me as a PSA/DNA authenticated George Clooney autograph. I can easily say that was one of the better hits in that product. I will be framing the Clooney and adding it to my autograph wall.

I also bought a box of Supernatural from DA Card World. It is my second box and I love the show. I am mainly trying to get the certain characters. Sam and Dean and mainly the hunters group and ruby and meg. This box was a good one for me I hit two autographs and two memorabilia.

The two memorabilia were
a single of Sam Winchester
and a dual of Sam and Dean Winchester.

The autographs were of Erick Kripke and Loretta Divine.

I can not help but be happy with the two autographs. I am probably going to sell them as I am not looking for those specific people. I am up in the air about the Kripke though.
Impressive haul!
Nice hits