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Full Version: FInest and Contenders
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So I went to my LCS and wanted to buy a box I haven't bought before since I have lots of doubles already for Platinum and Chrome and Contenders. I decided on a FInest box and 4 packs of contenders (to see if I could pull one of the autos).

Pretty good luck for 4 packs of contenders:
Rookie of the Year - Bridgewater and Benjamin
Rookie Ticket Auto - Van Noy
Championship Ticket Auto - Hurns #97/99

4 packs 2 autos! I would have liked better players, but I cant complain too much.

Finest was OK.
Beckham RC
Finest Atomic Rookie - Sefarian Jenkins, Watkins'
Blue Arian Foster #/99
Mettenberger Jumbo Patch/Auto
Allen Robinson Patch/auto
Jared Abbrederis RC Auto #29/35 (savagenate, I know you want it, will trade for some Bucs stuff)

Decent box. I got enough to try my hand at it at least one more time.
Haha, thanks man! I'll see what I can come up with Smile Congrats on the breaks! I'll PM you
Very cool hits on the Contenders autos! I can put the Van Noy to some good use.