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Full Version: Recent breaks - Bowman, Contenders, TTT
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Highlights of two boxes of Bowman, two of Contenders, one of TTT.

[Image: Scan400.jpeg]

[Image: c46756c9-fc8d-409c-b706-b8ff720c703f.jpg]

[Image: a66be28f-2829-496a-ba7c-6a384c944fe3.jpg]

[Image: c708040b-70b6-4e1e-8bb8-ef6a5b24ccb0.jpg]

[Image: 906385c3-d27a-4ab6-af62-a2bf03047de1.jpg]
HOLY CRAP!!! Those are some amazing box-breaks!!! Thanks for sharing.

Daaaaaaaaang! That booklet is sick! Congrats!
WOW!!! Those are amazing!!
Mind boggling hits, congrats!
Man those are some sick anything..??
If you're trading check me for the Garoppolo Auto!
I dont think you could have murdered all three boxes any better. Nice work!
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