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Full Version: Prizm break w/ Super Bowl promo
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I just got these and haven't scanned any of the cards yet, but I got a decent (not great) promo, and got a decent auto from Prizm (and a 150 point card). Probably going to sell the promo and prizm auto to recoup the box price, but here those are:

Yes, the Jimmy is the team logo auto /25! I tried searching on eBay for completed and active, and couldn't find one, so it may be the first on eBay when I post it! Smile

Oh, and also got my prize from the Powerplayers game today too Smile

Once I get a chance to scan the parallels and such from the Prizm box I'll post those, and all of those will be FT (although some might be gone by then)
SICK! Congrats on the huge hits! I would be interested in the points and any of the regulars. Hehe!

Congrats on the Jimmy, I'd love to see a Bears version of that. Also I dig the Topps PP prize, can't argue with getting something extra.
Here are the rest of the inserts from this box of Prizm. The Aaron Murray Believe the Hype is my third (and I've only gotten four in packs!), and the Air Marshals Matt Ryan I already had the base of, so now I have *another* base and the prizms :-|

I was actually sort of surprised I got the points card along with the auto.
The points took the place of your second auto....supposed to get 2 autos per hobby box
Wow...looks like you got a really nice break in there!
(02-05-2015, 10:27 AM)cybertrenz02 Wrote: [ -> ]The points took the place of your second auto....supposed to get 2 autos per hobby box
When I ordered it, the sell sheet said one. I think the jumbo is supposed to have two?
How much do you want for the Evans?