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Full Version: 2014 Topps Fire 72 Card Target Hanger Box
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Hadn't even heard of this stuff 'til I saw it on the shelf this evening.....decided to give it a shot (along with two 2015 Topps Baseball blasters)

each hanger box offers up 72 cards whereas a blaster had only 64 but at half the price....odd

maybe there's something "special" in the blasters to make up for the price discrepancy

anyway....of the 72 cards I received, 20 are Rookies--with many of the more popular names included (Manziel, Watkins, Beckham Jr., Bortles)

two numbered parallels Phillip Rivers #/299 and Jeremy Hill #/499

four foil parallels (Jordan Cameron, Marshawn Lynch, Robert Herron and Martavis Bryant)

a Ka'Deem Carey diecut insert of some sort

an Out of This World Odell Beckham Jr. insert

and a Competitive Fire insert featuring LeSean McCoy and Randall Cunningham

not a bad break for ten bucks and some tax
Not too shabby at all! Congrats on the nice hits!

Awesome, cool to see Topps Fire out. I've been meaning to pick up a hobby box or two.
I'm dying to get my hands on a box or two, and start some MORE rainbows lol
I bought a blaster today and now wonder why I didnt just pick up a hanger :-) More bang for the buck. I got 2 Blue refractors /299 in mine and that was all. for twice the price ;-(
(02-04-2015, 07:43 PM)maizenblue73175 Wrote: [ -> ]GOOD PULLS. GOTTA SEE THIS FIRE CARDS.
hangers are definitely the way to go if you can find them ( as far as the retail options go)......bought a blaster today just out of curiosity.....would have rather purchased two more hangers

the math as I see it....after having purchased two hangers and one blaster:

Hanger...9 total inserts and parallels....both of mine had four flame/foil cards, two numbered parallels and one die cut, an out of this world and a competitive 63 base cards--of which, a good chunk are RCs, stars and retired legends

Blaster...14 total inserts and parallels....eight flame/foil cards, two numbered parallels, one die cut, two out of this world inserts and a competitive fire.....and 50 base cards

so for the same dollar amount (give or take a penny) buying two hangers gets you 18 total inserts and parallels including the same number of flame/foil cards, two extra numbered parallels, and a couple extra cards from the other insert sets.....and 26 more base cards than if you bought a blaster!! hangers....yay!!!

though since I'm still in the breaks section.....did get a Namath #'d out of 50 from my blaster