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Full Version: Hot Rookies Box and 3 packs of COntenders
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Went to the LCS today and grabbed the last box of Hot Rookies (I just cant stop buying this box) and 3 packs of contenders (everyone seems to be doing pretty good with these so far).

Contenders first:
pack 1 - Mike Evans ROY #/99 - great PC add
pack 2 - Moncrief draft class
pack 3 - Calvin Pryor RC Auto

Pretty happy with a solid PC add and an auto.

Hot Rookies -
Autos - Eric Page - another PC add, Delanie Walker Franchise Fabric Auto/patch
300 Panini Rewards Points

Now for the big pack - base pack was a hot pack so all cards were #'d from #/99 to #/20

Score card #/99
Josh Gordon, Demarco Murray, Reggie Wayne, Derrick Johnson, Lesean McCoy, Vernon Davis, Vincent Jackson (PC), Russell Wilson H100, Welker H100, Clay Matthews H100 and Paul Richardson RC

Showcase #/79
Patrick Peterson, Roddy White, Cam Newton, Greg Hardy, Witten, Percy Harvin H100, Eric Berry H100 and Torrey Smith H100

Gold Zone #/50
Tim Jennings, Tony Romo, Jamaal Charles H100, Colin Kaepernick H100, Darrell Revis H100, Pierre Garcon H100

Artist Proof #/35
Forte, Pierre - Paul, Alfred Morris, Eric Decker H100, Cutler H100

Red Zone - #/20
Geno Atkins, Keenan Allen, Dez Bryant H100

Very cool break! Congrats on the PC hits, and I would actually be interested in the points if they are available.

Always fun pulling those PC guys Smile
interested in the jamaal charles gold zone..
Not bad