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Full Version: Any Star Jordan experts out there? need help
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Does anyone have any info on the 84-85 Star Jordan #101 white border card? It's identical to the regular Star #101 Jordan rookie...except it's white.

Are these cards counterfeit?
Do they have same value as regular red bordered card?

Thanks in advance!
I believe they were a HSN (Home-shopping-Network) bootleg printing reprint of the cards. MUCH less in value than the real thing. Done in the early 1990s...NOT 1984-85...
Oh I see. Good ole' hsn lol. I remember seeing a clip of Don West on Hsn selling the 85 Nike jordan promo card for like $5,000. I wonder how many people actually buy these cards at their inflated prices.

Thanks for the info. I love the look of the white background but I will have to pass on this card.

Off topic- my mom watches ALOT of hsn...I wonder how much crap she has wasted money on???
These are NOT the HSN ones (the 1990's HSN MJ cards are fantasy cards and that is another story in itself).

These white ones on eBay are simply counterfeit fakes. Pure and simple. They are cheap copies of the original 101 made with a white border (along with the black borders and many of the red border counterfeits). Upon close inspection when compared side by side to a real one, one can easily see the difference.

They are one of many counterfeits of the original 1984 Star Jordan 101 rookie. I would not buy a Star card unless it was graded by BGS or SCD, both companies who were well trained by Steve Taft, the industry's foremost expert in Star Company Basketball cards.

ALL White Border Jordan 101s are fakes. Steve Taft also sells on eBay has also added some great tips to some of his descriptions which included mention of these white border fakes.

This is from one of the descriptions by Taft (item 261720231231):

..."My name is being "used" to authenticate the black and white border COUNTERFEIT 84-5 Star #101 Michael Jordan cards (and Bulls Team Sets). These cards are COUNTERFEITS, printed in 1997 as part of the Star / Shop at Home scandal. As a reminder, the NBA won a $1.1 million lawsuit settlement. ANY "story" you read or hear trying to justify the legitimacy of these cards is a lie. THERE ARE NO AUTHENTIC BLACK OR WHITE BORDERED #101 MICHAEL JORDAN ROOKIES. Everything about these cards is illegal, from the lack of licensing to the back-dating of the cards".
Thanks for the great info kobejames!

I am familiar with who Steve Taft is but didn't even think to look at his ebay page.
You're welcome !

Speaking of the MJ XRC, here is an awesome 1984 Star Jordan card that will be ending in a couple of days on the Bay. The famous "101" signed by His Airness. Graded BGS 8.5 and authenticated with a 10 signature.

Despite the poor picture by the seller (why would one not use a scanner on a card like this ?), it already has an incredible 50 bids but more importantly, 8 different bidders willing to shell out north of $6K. The price is currently closing in on 8K. It is the most watched Jordan card currently on eBay so it should be very interesting to see what this one realizes when the smoke settles.
Let me add to my comments that have already been transferred to this thread in an earlier posting.... The "original" black and white bordered counterfeits were printed late 1996 thru mid 1997. There has also been an illegal "reprinting" of the original counterfeit in the last few years. So, when you see these over at eBay, it's possible you're looking at a counterfeit, OR, a counterfeit of a counterfeit.

As previously noted, there are NO legal versions of the black or white bordered Bulls sets with the MJ 101 RC. The stories of Star Co. owner Levin doing a test printing to see which border color looked best are not true, and, nothing more than a lie to try to remove your hard earned money from your wallet by a thief.

I believe the attempt at the 96-7 illegal counterfeiting was because the original red bordered 101 could not be duplicated with its exact original characteristics. IF it would have been possible, that would have been easier to do AND more profitable of a scam. The cutting characteristics and layering of the film negatives made the original near impossible in Mint Condition, but, also made the perfect counterfeit a near impossible feat. Contrary to what is often said, counterfeits of the original MJ 101 RC have been of pretty poor quality all these years. It's easier to find a Fleer MJ RC that might fool a knowledgeable collector than a Star MJ RC.
Thanks for the input Steve!
I have been getting more and more interested in star series and need to start researching the characteristics of counterfeit star cards. I'd like to add the #101 to my collection and registry some day. Of course I'd have to buy a low, (very low) grade as they are expensive lol.

Do you know if there are counterfeits of the rest of the star jordan series? Like the 86 star Jordan's, the lite all star, crunch n' munch etc...? Would I be safe buying these raw off ebay?
Nevermind, just read the article lol. Thanks for posting the article kobejames!
Nevermind, just read the article lol. Thanks for posting it Kobejames!
Just like all the key 86-7 Fleer RC's have been counterfeited, so have the key Star Co. RC's and Jordan cards. The vast majority of these Star Co. counterfeits are easy to spot with a little basic knowledge.

The only Star Co. Jordan's that require slightly more than basic knowledge were the cards on the 1985-86 Star 2nd series sheet. This would include: 85-6 Star MJ #117, the Best of the New MJ, and the 86 Star MJ 10-card set. I've discussed the "how to" on these cards in other postings, articles, and interviews.

I worked with the editors of Sports Collector's Digest and Tuff Stuff, approximately 2004, and we wrote an extensive article on the re-built counterfeits that surfaced in the early 2000's. These were pretty easy to tell, though, a couple of them were fairly impressive for fakes. Beckett also had some info in their basketball issue, too. I'm not sure if an internet search will bring those up, but, for those interested, you might give it a try.
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