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Full Version: New set chase: 13-14 Titanium Gamers Prime /25 (2/24/15 update)
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i grabbed the Pierce as a PC Card and decided I really like the set and the checklist. All the patches claim to be game worn material, not photoshoot or event and most of them are great quality patches. They are tough cards to track down though. This may take a while. I start a year after the set was released and I think there is a ton of unopened Titanium sitting around in warehouses.

Current set progress 9/25

[Image: 8EB1BA4F-0A0B-4582-ACD7-AAED673E9B76_zps9ofi0dja.jpg]
[Image: D17D991A-A623-4AB1-A204-3BD7267309FA_zpsp5nekq9u.jpg]
[Image: 40F571EB-AE45-42FE-8208-78A63F4219BC_zpsyursmpb6.jpg]
[Image: C55605FD-E41D-4957-8DF2-632A18CA65A3_zpsqetxlhnh.jpg]
[Image: 71CD473F-8ABB-4578-8618-EE1B57C1AC06_zpskqcfswir.jpg]
[Image: DB0957AC-2A68-4FBB-8A51-8C68E52098A1_zpsckfap5i8.jpg]
[Image: E9B7706A-B2C4-4A68-9EA9-99BF6754CCB9_zpsiaysznpt.jpg]
[Image: 31C12220-97CF-4189-85ED-AB432B7F43A9_zpsxdzqe8k3.jpg]
Wow man! When I saw that first one you picked up a while ago, I instantly loved the set. They look great all together, and it looks like you've already picked up some of the bigger ones. I'm guessing you have one incoming? I only see 8 pics?
Thanks Tim. None incoming. I just missed one. Like I said 9/25 set completion.
[Image: A24993FB-0D72-4232-B07D-761E35E14B4F_zpsedsw8eae.jpg]
Sweet! Nice start!
This is the first time I've seen these, and they do look pretty sweet. Nice pickups.
Two more have come in over the past few weeks.

Set completion: 11/25

I'm pumped to have this one, but I'm not sure where Panini found the close out deal on the ATL jersey. Odd choice for a T-Mac card for this set.
[Image: 322BADBD-9E03-4AF3-8B70-F303E51F83DD_zpsbqobdkoi.jpg]

Then this great guy! When I bought it the image looked like it was trim which bummed me out, but I needed it for the set. When I got it in hand I was happy to see a very high quality patch. Three colors with great depth. Similar to the Wade patch.
[Image: 1BB578D4-174B-4209-9811-E19FE03947B6_zpsix3mxyfc.jpg]
Another sweet set chase! Keep up the good work!
Very nice man! Congrats on landing the Bron!
seems like you have all the big names already! Any obscure ones that will be extra tough to track down?
(03-01-2015, 04:01 AM)The_Zodiac_Collection Wrote: [ -> ]Another sweet set chase! Keep up the good work!
Thanks Zodiac!
(03-03-2015, 06:10 PM)TBarn291 Wrote: [ -> ]Very nice man! Congrats on landing the Bron!
Thanks Tim. I was surprised when one popped up. Having started this chase a year after the product was released I was afraid the few that have surface already may have been locked up in PCs.
(03-04-2015, 10:18 AM)buckunteer Wrote: [ -> ]seems like you have all the big names already! Any obscure ones that will be extra tough to track down?
There are still a few big names that I need to land (Durant, Dirk, Duncan). I think the toughest to land will be the Allen Iverson. I haven't even seen a base version pop up yet, never mind a prime version.