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Full Version: 2 Blasters = 2 Awesome Autos
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Stopped by the local store at lunch today and picked up 1 blaster each of 14 Chrome and 14 Platinum.

Opened the platinum first and in the last pack hit a Kelvin Benjamin STS camo auto /10! Figured that was gonna be all of my luck for today but I was wrong.

Few packs into the Chrome I pulled a BCA pink auto /75 and about freaked when I saw it was an Odell Beckham Jr.!!! Best pull i have ever had and it was from a retail blaster.

Will post pics later. May look at having it graded. Card looks great, centering may be slightly off top to bottom and the auto looks slighty streaky, but i have seen others of his that look the same so may just be the way he signs.
Workin that retail mojo. Good for you man, congrats!!
Wow...nice pulls!
Dang!! what local store again?LOL i need to start buying retail